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Wed, 21 Jun 2023, 10:32pm #1
Registered: June 2023
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Every second, Pidgin attempts a multicast to (UDP) port 5353. There is nothing about this on the web that I could find.

I not running Pidgin with the --force-online option.

Maybe I will try running with the --debug option.

I block that address because I don't trust all devices on my LAN. I would rather disable this multicast in Pidgin. And not stop getting the messages from the firewall when app does something weird like this.

Anyone know how to fix this broadcasting problem?

Tue, 04 Jul 2023, 08:24pm #2
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It might be from the French riots. They attacked Tor and Tor downloads/updates. Even this site has login problems. They started to booby trap more than a few weeks ago. Usually things show on reboot if no-UEFI was used. I'm nowhere near the riots and I lost a lot of French based software. Try to see if Mik's tobrowser-downloader works. That is a sure test....