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Sun, 26 Mar 2023, 01:37pm Isolating tunnels based on the User-Agent? »
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A zzz.i2p forum refugee here and I'm also thinking about changing to i2pd in future. I'm asking this question for both i2prouter and i2pd.

Does I2P isolate (or create different) tunnels to the same destination if they are using a different User Agent?

I know I2P replaces the UserAgent string to something like "MYOB 6.66" but different applications are likely to present different behavior that will result in possible fingerprinting. Also I think we need to give people the ability to attempt to use different programs with different personas.

I tried searching for answers on this and based on the discussions I've seen I suspect that tunnels are not isolated between differing applications with differing user-agent strings.

If this is true, I think it is a grave mistake. Most people are likely to think that if they have two different applications open, that those two applications will not talk to each other. The user is therefore highly likely to want, and to exhibit a different persona between the two applications.

I personally don't see any use-case where someone would want differing applications to be linked by the I2P tunnel, and when they do want their activity to be linked they will purposefully, for a limited time, use both programs with the same persona that can be trivially deanonymized by their persona/behavior rather than automatically from the same tunnel usage.

When a non-power user wants to break with that "linkable persona" they will probably assume that they must close both programs to eliminate cookies (if they are using browsers) and wait for at least 15 minutes for new tunnel formations (or restart I2P).