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I share similar misgivings to the OP wrt the very sudden nature of zzz's disappearance. Though I won't pass judgement on whether I believe he has come to harm or was simply given a ludicrous sum to cease development and walk away.

achived wrote:

I downloaded the last topic on zzz.i2p before it went down.

Are you able to unzip this and simply display the contents? I personally don't open zip files from random strangers.

In-seriousness wrote:


I'm always looking for ways to fight Big Tech, so this "Internet Antitrust Law" is somewhat interesting to me but it probably is best served by having its own thread, perhaps?

FYI, the server you chose to host the files, namely sharefile.i2p) is a Cloudflare honeypot itself! Yes, they exist on the darknet not just the clearnet, unfortunately. If you look at the HTTP request header of the site you will see "server: cloudflare" and the associated "cf-ray" entry.

There is a group, Crimeflare, who fight Cloudflare, and I can recommend their Block Cloudflare MITM Attack Extension for Firefox. It automatically tells you when a page is Cloudflare by prepending "[!!MITM!!]" to the tab and adding an ugly border around the webpage. The extension was hosted by Mozilla but they appear to have removed it. You should know that Mozilla force Firefox users to use Cloudflare for DNS, unless you manually prevent it. The only version Mozilla seem to host is an old one, and its in Russian which you don't understand.

If you're interested, the version of Block Cloudflare MITM Attack (BCMA) extension that I have is this one, which I've kept a backup of. If you change the filename to '.zip' and unzip it you can read the code for yourself. I realize the hypocrisy of saying that, given I don't unzip files from strangers myself. Maybe an established supporter of Crimeflare on these forums can verify the file is correct???

As an aside, Crimeflare should probably be on I2P these days, because I've just tried to access their site https://crimeflare.eu.org and repo at https://git.disroot.org/dCf/deCloudflare and both are inaccessible. Not good, they are probably attacked by the same anti-democratic forces that birthed Cloudflare, but if they were on I2P maybe they could operate more easily?

Cloudflare is really very bad. I live in a western country and they prevented me from accessing my bank account when I started moving my cryptocurrency to a non-custodial wallet. Cloudflare is among the greatest threats to human civilization. Should it ever become common knowledge what they are doing, distractions will be created to stop the revolt. In many respects a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is already here.

I say this not to discourage you, but to encourage. I look forward to trying out your Big Tech Blocker and have added your torrent file here as a backup.

VargThePissed and zlatinb were engaged in an oppositional discussion but given that some time has passed it seems community members have put aside what appear to me minor or perceived differences for the sake of a greater good, and that is the health of the I2P network and the community.

Also looking forward to someone posting the contents of the zip file above that I cannot open.

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