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Hi QBall, it seems as though you are calling on people to jump to yggdrasil? This is not a sustainable solution because everytime people jump out of a community to another, people are lost.

Ask yourself also what happens when yggdrasil is attacked? Are we forever to dart from one internet infrastructure to the next, or do we defend the home and the land that we have built and tended to?

VargThePissed wrote:

I haven't put aside anything.

No matter. If I may be forthright, the way you generalize and evoke cartoonish imagery of all Jewish people makes it difficult to take your position seriously. I'm opposed to the Zionism and land theft that is perpetuated by the Israel State but I separate that from Jewish people. There are many ordinary Jewish people who despise the Israel apartheid regime. I cannot stop you from hating, but just know that it negatively affects your arguments when you point and say "this is just like a Jew". It's called 'playing the man' and it is a fast way to lose formal debates. Now I will say zlatinb comes across as opinionated and a bit oppositional and I think I do remember a prominent person being a bit like that in the zzz forums too. Maybe it was zab.

VargThePissed wrote:

(i2pd whonix difficulties)

Different distros have different ways of packaging things. It could be that the key fingerprint you quoted is that of a maintainer at Whonix. Have you tried a search for it?

VargThePissed wrote:

(posted transcript of zzz.i2p thread)

Thank you very much for posting that. The thread reads like something that would happen every so often at zzz.i2p, and it was handled by zzz in the style I expect. Quite right, its not a plausible reason to shutdown all operations. Thanks again.

VargThePissed wrote:

(looking back over the source of different versions)

It gives me some pleasure to have discovered, as a result of your question, that it would seem one can see all the versions going back to 2012! The "official" download webpage for i2p triggers a download from this site

The key of zzz I have trusted myself is:

pub   rsa4096 2014-05-08 [SC] [expires: 2024-05-05]

Finally, I'm very interested to know people's thoughts on Cloudflare.

I'm yet to attempt to install the Big Tech Blocker, but I will try at the first opportunity as I'm interested in knowing whether my setup is indeed phoning home to the tech overlords in some ungodly manner.

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