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@fairlyNoobQuestions, Thanks for the key and download info very much.
As for,

"... If I may be forthright, the way you generalize and evoke cartoonish imagery of all Jewish people makes it difficult to take your position seriously. I'm opposed to the Zionism and land theft that is perpetuated by the Israel State but I separate that from Jewish people. There are many ordinary Jewish people who despise the Israel apartheid regime. I cannot stop you from hating, but just know that it negatively affects your arguments when you point and say "this is just like a Jew"..."

I get that but if several thousand years of Jewish behavior will not convince you...then I certainly won't. I used to think like you until after looking into it deeply, after 9-11, found that "as a group" the Jews have the same behavior every where they go.

They have been thrown out of over 1,000 countries and principalities as a result. Now you may say,"I know such good Jews and they say..."whatever they want you to hear to make you feel like they are civilized"", but know that written in their "holy book terror manual" it says for them to be unfailingly polite and helpful where they reside but if they wish to do evil go to a different town to do it. And no I'm not making this up and no I will not look it up. It's there if you look for it.

What level of damage do they have to do, what level of terror and evil will it take before you decide,"well maybe we should not let them control anything nor make any decisions at all for anyone but themselves?" Your attitude is not odd. It's typical western mind think that "we" have of everyone being an individual. Well you're wrong to think of them like this because they do NOT think this way themselves. If they could save one Jew they would murder millions, or ALL of us. It's just the way they are and western individualist thinking is a malfunctioning and aberrant mental behavior in reference to dealing with them because they don't care about that. At all. The only thing you are good for to them is to feed off of.

Now combine this with the unrelenting, constant attacks on White people and their unrelenting telling us what to do to, "not be racist", "don't be judgemental", "don't do this", "don't do that", I ask...pay attention, when are they going to rein in the worst of their lot? They are not and never will and have not done so for over thousands of years because they don't care.

Part of the firm "fuck the Jews" stance I have is while it may turn off people who have had all their lives Jew propaganda bleeding into their ears, and this is everywhere in the western world and much of the northern continents, maybe just maybe, someone will pay attention, open their eyes and see that they operate as a large parasitical team to feed on us and no aspect of kindness on your part will ever change that. There is no golden rule with them. They only take.

The Germans did not abuse them. They took over the whole country and ruined it. The US did not abuse them. They took over the whole country and ruined it. They done this thousands of times. Literally, thousands, because it works for them. I only ask that we treat them as they do us. The things I say about them are mild compared to the things they say about others.

And I'm not particular interested in the Palestinians, Arabs, Iranians, whoever. I'm worried about my country though I wish none of them or Russia any ill will at all. I certainly do not wish any of my military or tax dollars going to attacking them or anyone else.

The US military is being used as a Jewish collection agency to force people to stay in their global homo Federal Reserve program where they steal everything and to conquer their enemies. It's very sad, and it will not end well.