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Varg wrote:

Thanks for the key and download info very much.

A pleasure.

Varg wrote:

(some negativity towards Jewish people)

In the lead-up to the Christchurch Massacre in New Zealand, similar was said about followers of Islam, that they will secretly destroy non-believers etc.

Most religions include some awful ideas in scriptures to spread its influence and wealth.

There are good people and bad people in any religion. It is well known that a Jewish Mafia existed in New York, for example, and may still exist today. Just like there are some unsavory types of Christian and Islamic people.

The general consensus among honest historians is, in the early/mid 20th century Jewish people were typically prevented from operating financial institutions in the US so they focused a large part into arts, specifically film and television. What we might call "the media". As a result, yes, a lot of Jewish people exist in the media, and yes, the media is also today controlled by counter-intelligence agencies, so some overlap will exist here between counter-intelligence and jewish people. As a result the negativity felt towards media, as a counter-intelligence apparatus may conflate with the fact that many are also Jewish.

This is understandable conflation, but again 'conflation' is another logical fallacy to be wary of.

Sowing division is one of the "keystones" in counter-intelligence's "arch" of power. Genuine historians no longer refute that the Israel State was formed in large part to foment problems in the Middle East to justify the resource-extracting "War On Terror". Of course, these things are easy to see in hindsight.

Varg wrote:

(Judaism re 9/11)

It was inspired by media propaganda throughout the 90s that persistently depicted disaster for the west in the form of building destruction, a trope sprayed across all forms of film and television. Having said that, it remains a logical fallacy to conflate "media" and "Jews" here. The US State Department, many of whom are not Jewish, upon learning that someone would indeed carry out the attack seem to have permitted and facilitated it. The person who ran the security at the towers was brother to George Bush and that team were absent on the day of the attack.

Varg wrote:

(Judaism re Federal Reserve)

I don't see it as a Jewish thing. I'm opposed to the Federal Reserve system for more foundational reasons. I assume you appreciate bitcoin then, yes? This takes us back to Cloudflare, who are attempting to control the on-ramps to bitcoin. Again I'm interested to know people's thoughts on Cloudflare.

Varg wrote:

I have not found source code to older versions except for much older versions. No source for 2.1.0-0 which is the one we want. Last zzz source.

On this page you'll find it as:

 i2psource_2.1.0.tar.bz2	2023-01-10 22:12 	31M	 
i2psource_2.1.0.tar.bz2.sig 2023-01-10 22:12 566

Varg wrote:

It says: "This is not a certificate authority certificate, so it can’t be imported into the certificate authority list."

Perhaps its not created by a Certificate Authority (CA)? Maybe it is simply a self-signed certificate by zlatinb he made with something like the openssl command?


Varg wrote:

I found a torrent, "I2P Git Bundles (Feb 2023)"

This is a very interesting find by you, thanks.

It is made more interesting given that the torrent file cannot be downloaded and other torrent files can. How suspicious!?

It was submitted on the same day as news was publishing by sadie and idk about the DDOS attack. Interesting!

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