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Well found, Varg. Good detective work, if its a true repesentation, and I think it might be.

zlatinb wrote:

I haven't bothered to read the all the different posts because they diverge from the topic of the thread. Here is exactly what happened:

1. In 2018 I proposed that the Java I2P project start a paid program. Echelon kept the funds and as far as I have been told bitcoins exchanged hands and zzz didn't pay taxes on them.

2. Echelon made the commit to the website about LGBT and inclusion whenever.

3. I resigned when the Dread forum came to I2P

4. Few months later I confronted echelon on IRC #i2p-dev and he banned me. Then I went to #ls2 and tried to bring zzz into it but he refused. All of this can be verified with the logs on http://major.i2p

5. I couldn't believe that zzz had willingly been working for echelon and I doxed him:

5.1 First I posted what I knew about him in #i2p-dev and then on Twitter. The tweet was deleted.

5.2 That wasn't enough, I wanted his blood so I sent a letter in the snail mail with IRS form 3949-A. I don't know if it has arrived but nobody has contacted me yet, and if they do I will refuse to give any evidence.

7. I reached out to zzz and asked him to come back to I2P very recently. There has been no response yet. If he returns I will stay out of his way and let him do his thing.

If all the above is true, then I2P Java's Lead Dev appears to have been attacked by, what seems, a self-loathing, closet homosexual Christian. It could be seen as humorous but zzz does not in any way deserve to be doxxed for not filing the income as taxable, zzz is supposed to be anonymous, it makes absolutely no sense for him to out himself to the State.

Zab, if the above is correct, you have risked the future of a free internet for your pride. It seems as though you are losing an ideological (and puritanical) debate and so you start to play dirty and 'play the man', as I wrote about above on another issue, this makes you the loser in the debate. In your puritanical struggle you are losing your integrity. If the above is true, you also resort to cussing and name-calling. Do you not see that you are in the wrong here, and you need to think hard about a few things, including your own sexuality, as it does seem that you may be high on the homosexual spectrum. For someone to have such a visceral disgust towards homosexuality and it would seem, 'feminism', its possible that you may rank quite high on the homosexual spectrum. Its quite possible that during your upbringing you were made to feel inferior for your feelings towards men and you are still living in that state of fear of being exposed as inferior. Have you considered getting help?

It looks like zzz is gone because you outed him to a military contracted platform, Twitter. He is either dead or in fear of his life because of you. Well done.

God only knows how much time we have before the Golang version replaces the Java one, now.


There is another possibility that zab's apparent puritanical motivations are a red-herring. He may be simply playing a Christian character to explain away the destructive behavior. I say this because he seems to have two very distinct tones in his writing, one bellicose and cartoonish in its bigotry, and another that is quite pragmatic and reasoned. Therefore I'm tipping towards his behavior being an act, a means to an end, that end is to hurt the I2P network. I'm willing to say zab is a spook, or has been co-opted or corrupted by a spook at some point. Why might I2P be under attack? In many respects, I2P is better than Tor and thus it poses a threat to Tor. That's what I think this is really about.

The "culture wars" such as anti-gay, are typically used by counter-intelligence to deflect. I think I2P is under very, serious attack. We should probably bunker down and try to find a way to have code audited, starting from when the DDOS began late last year. In the rush to handle the DDOS, a vulnerability may have slipped in undetected.


Why might the torrent file not be available on postman's website? I'll try again that some future time.