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Varg wrote:

another person making excuses for Jews, fairlyNoobQuestions, and backing up what appears to be a fake zlatinb

May I ask what was "fake"? It was yourself who presented the IRC dialog and I am building the case that a self-loathing homosexual, Christian character is created as a red-herring to explain away I2P's destruction. If you are saying that the dialog you've presented by zlatinb here is not the real zab, that's not only possible but aligns with my hypothesis, which I may add, I always posed as a hypothesis.

It is useful to the large State actor to have people in the I2P community think that this is only about an ideological divide on the topic of "homosexuality" or "trans rights" etc. What the most evil destructive forces do is try to use any internal division and escalate that to create harm and cause maximum confusion. So I'm agreeing with you, I2P is under serious attack and I think it has nothing to do with "homosexuality", but about what I2P delivers to people. I2P is THE FREE INTERNET WE NEED and it has recently formed a network-level backbone to the most important technological advancement for the people since electricity; bitcoin.

I simply extend the DDOS attack further back to not just December, but mid-to-late Oct 2022, if my memory on the timing is correct. I must draw attention to a fact that has yet to be mentioned in this thread; how Reddit boards formed the first part of the attack. It was a form of DDOS on Reddit because apparently those boards were (maybe still are) an important on-boarding tool and bad actors on that platform were allegedly asking legitimate I2P questions while at the same time expressing interest in conducting illegal activity, thus by helping those alleged "persons" any i2p dev could be accused of aiding unlawful activity which provides a pretext to come after I2P, both as a network and possibly individual devs. It may also be an attempt to downgrade the Reddit boards' performance on search engines.

As was reported in zzz's forum (zzz.i2p) at the time of the Reddit Attack, idk largely was the one responding. I remember zzz commending idk on zzz.i2p forum how remarkable it was, to see that idk was accurately guessing the operating systems and the versions of i2p people were having problems with about, based on their descriptions of problems alone. (As a aside, I would like to point out here that Reddit is a dangerous platform with an accused genocide perpetrator and war criminal from the US State on its Board of Directors, Jennifer Ashooh. I ask people to please never use Reddit and instead use decentralized social like ActivityPub/Mastodon). Or print something and give it to your neighbors.

In the above context, there is a possibility that code that might be typically checked thoroughly, may be less checked. Thus I broaden the scope for needed code review to mid-October and believe that we should be looking for even the most subtle of exploitable code.

Varg, as much as you might wish to believe it, not everyone with a slightly divergent understanding to you online is "a Jew". Due to being a part of the bitcoin stack we automatically attract the most vile and corrupt destructive opponents. Yes, their may be overlap, but I ask you to dust off your prejudices and think, please.

You are risking me thinking that you and the fake zlatinb are the same person. The fake zlatinb exists to plant the idea this was just an ideological "anti-homosexual, anti-trans" affair, and your anti-Jew identity exists to repel any further serious discussion, which I should reiterate, are at times both equally cartoonish in tone and nature to the anti-gay rhetoric we've seen from zlatinb, and is a known method used by large State actors to have sites attacked.

Yes, Zionism and land theft done by the Israel State and the way that State, together with the US have conducted themselves, together with other non-Jewish states, to control resources and invoke large-scale murders is bad. Most people know this; but when you conflate to all Jewish people and you see "Jews" everywhere its not helping anything here. Please think.

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