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I'm pleased to report that the aforementioned I2P Git Bundles (Feb 2023).torrent is now available Postman's tracker.

I have also posted it here in this most helpful forum for needed redundancy, but it would be great if someone with some authority might confirm that indeed the above torrent file is a correct.and true representation from the time the author made it in Feb. I regret that I'm not an expert in the area of verifying torrent files and the fact that others may be sharing the file and its data doesn't sufficiently prove anything. What I know is the torrent file was not available for a time until very recently.

Maybe there is a way we can compare the magnet link to the file?

There is a maxim, "Don't trust, verify". I seek to uphold that wherever possible.

Thanks, and thanks to everyone who uses this fine forum for their continued patience as we seek to understand troubling recent events in I2P's history.

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