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fairlyNoobQuestions,"... I am building the case that a self-loathing homosexual, Christian character is created as a red-herring to explain away I2P's destruction..."

You have not proved that and in fact it is in itself evidence of fraud that you should try to do this. Keep your anti-Christen hatred to yourself. Jews really hate Christen and try to lie about them and assign their motives to things other than what they are constantly. For over a couple thousand years.

Another tactic of the Jews is to attribute homosexuality to people who are opposed to homosexuality. This is done constantly. Has been for many, many decades. You doing this with no backing evidence is a good example.

fairlyNoobQuestions,"... If you are saying that the dialog you've presented by zlatinb here is not the real zab..."

I didn't say that and anther typical Jew dodge to keep attributing meanings other than what someone has said. You've done that several times in just a few paragraphs. You can barely type a word without trying to distort and malign the meaning others write. It's like some sort of parrot box. Shows that you are not honestly seeking answers.

fairlyNoobQuestions,"... It is useful to the large State actor to have people in the I2P community think that this is only about an ideological divide on the topic of "homosexuality" or "trans rights" etc..."

Quite likely the only thing we will agree on.

fairlyNoobQuestions,"... As was reported in zzz's forum (zzz.i2p) at the time of the Reddit Attack, idk largely was the one responding. I remember zzz commending idk on zzz.i2p forum how remarkable it was, to see that idk was accurately guessing the operating systems and the versions of i2p people were having problems with about, based on their descriptions of problems alone..."

Quite likely made up. We can't confirm because zzz's site is down. This is another tactic of the Jews. The Jews after WWII said that all these Jews had been killed in all these German camps. Well it was proven to be a lie so eventually they ended up saying all of them had been killed in Auschwitz and other camps which were conveniently behind the iron curtain so no one could check. We of course now have seen inspections of the camps and read the files from these camps and know there was no,"the Nazis loaded up the Jews in train cars, gassed them and burnt them up in ovens" A total fabrication. Maybe if one day zzz's site comes back maybe w will find the above is more of the same. I ask why can't you use any real evidence that can be checked?

A further tactic displayed in this same paragraph is the Jews link to each other saying(in essence),"this is a good source and a good guy", and if they possibly can they make the link such that you can't confirm anything. It's only a huge wilderness of Jews linking more Jews endlessly, and all of them pushing lies.

fairlyNoobQuestions,"...Varg, as much as you might wish to believe it, not everyone with a slightly divergent understanding to you online is "a Jew"..."

You and others don't want people to think you are Jews, stop acting like Jews. It's very simple. This is not complicated. Jews have a way of feeding disinformation to people and it appears they are taught this in some textbook or other and it shows. It's like a list of tricks they throw up, very similar to magician tricks, but with words. It's very distinctive.

fairlyNoobQuestions,"...blah, blah, blah...

Yeah right...sure.

The rest you vomit up is just more Jew tricks where you attempt to link me to all sorts of, whatever, with no evidence, etc. , etc.

It's the same old Jew dodge, babble and bullshit.