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Parag 01. False + anti-Jewish-hatred (AJH)
Parag 02. Fighting above evidence of signs of self-loathing + AJH
Parag 03. False. You did imply such, quoted here
Parag 04. Agreement on "It is useful to the large State actor to have people in the I2P community think that this is only about an ideological divide on the topic of "homosexuality" or "trans rights" etc..."
Parag 05. Varg was likely not on zzz forums in Oct/Nov 2022. Serious AJH and propaganda, possibly to cause a future attack on these forums.
Parag 06. Non-sequitous AJH. Straw-manning.
Parag 07. Non-sequitous AJH.
Parag 08. Dismissive
Parag 09. Dismissive with AJH
Parag 10. Dismissive with AJH

Twice I have asked about thoughts on Cloudflare in this thread and the response has been a quite pronounced nothing.

At some point we must move on.

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