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I surmise that I2P is being attacked by a highly organised entity.

Moving forward, I feel the solution to this needs to be community-based. As zzz wrote in his last news post on 15 Feb titled "DDoS Update", "even after 20 years, the I2P network is relatively small". If memory serves, last year I read that I2P enjoys approx 50k-100k participants globally. To put that into context, Tor in Germany alone had around 150k users last I checked so it is possible to boost the number of I2P participants by 4x easily. If we do, we will likely boost the number of eyes reading the code also.

Thus why not propose a Computer Meetup in your local area? Call it something fun like, "THE HATING COMPUTERS CLUB" or try a pun of some kind, people respond well to funny names so do enjoy thinking of a clever but punchy name. Print on the flyer some questions that you would like to ask at the public meetup, including a question seeking answers on the recent DDoS attack on the I2P (Invisible Internet Protocol) network. Unless you are printing the flyer yourself, omit the time and location and write that on manually later to prevent Printer Tipoff Attack. People will likely be curious and seek out more info on I2P, even if they do not attend your public meeting! Letterbox every household in the area, or a minimum of 500. Some people prefer to letterbox every second household and inform as such on the flyer to encourage interested persons to share their interest with their neighbor. Don't be too fancy or fussy with the design, keep it simple, black and white, keep it affordable.

At the meetup ask people if they have I2P and if not offer, them basic instructions on how to setup the best way you know, with the version that you think is most secure. This is how we help THE FREE AND FAIR INTERNET, I2P.

As written previously:


V2.1.0 IF YOU REQUIRE IT, for example:

- SOURCE CODE i2psource_2.1.0.tar.bz2 2023-01-10 22:12 31M
- SOURCE CODE i2psource_2.1.0.tar.bz2.sig 2023-01-10 22:12 566
- LINUX INSTALL i2pinstall_2.1.0.jar 2023-01-10 22:12 28M
- LINUX INSTALL i2pinstall_2.1.0.jar.sig 2023-01-10 22:12 566

HERE IS THE PUBLIC KEY FOR zzz that I have been using for a long while and that I still see online.

- I2P Git Bundles (Feb 2023).torrent at Postman's tracker
- Copy of torrent file here

Anyone is welcom to share links for I2PD's full software package + source history in the interests of having a page where people can come to get both versions during a meetup.

Let's get organised, set a community meetup, you don't even need to reveal you were the organiser!