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There's not one single thing wrong with hating the Jews. In fact only Jews, and brain washed idiots, care about this. The Jews hate everyone on the planet and want, or so they say, and act like it, to make them all their slaves. The vast amount of blackmail, child rape, attacks, like 9-11, false flags, on an on. If you don't hate the Jews you are a fool.

Even if you are a Jew the things they have done have always backfired. Over a thousand different countries and States have thrown you out. You've always been able to move on because of lack of communications between countries and States. That's changed. Your strategy has become untenable.

It also appears that your mind viruses don't work on the East, so there you've been stopped cold. This only appears to work on open individualist societies like the west. So now you are destroying them, your lessor threat, and you can not destroy the larger threat, the east. Your destroying your own base of operations and undermining the trust based societies you need to survive. You are all fools. You are exactly like that African tribe that had some "prophet" who said if the tribe destroyed all their cattle the White man would leave. They of course perished, as you will.

Think of the huge waste of your lives going around plotting this and plotting that. With the same amount of energy you put into to parasiting you could make the world a better place for everyone. But you don't, so in the end you will get what you deserve.

"...Let's get organised, set a community meetup, you don't even need to reveal you were the organiser!..."

What a great idea. Meet up with Jews to organize!