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Around 2014 I start noticing 0 length routers with mumble servers from Georgia to known crypto for cash people that are in directories. After I reported this crap on both Def (now retrobbs) and alluded on 3z forum things stopped for a while. They restarted but with much better routers and tech. Eventually the whole network development moved into that direction. If you are an i2pbro and needs to eat I have no problem with you using crypto.

Around 2018 3z stopped traveling overseas. That was really a big alarm flag.

Looking at the inventory seized/confiscated from the rice-eater there is to much for a single person to steal and fence. Most likely Rice got cyber attack tools from the nearby NATO cyber warfare facility and license to steal and fence. Likely it was a group operation and sadly 3z got involved. The java router was manipulated for this purpose and now it is in trouble.

Why it got stopped? Rice probably stole from the wrong asshole that got the Feds to go after the perpetrators. 1 year of jail-time when they could have levied unpaid taxes organized crime etc we are talking Bernie Maddox life without parole crap. This is a deal between NATO and the Feds.