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VargThePissed wrote:

I'm certainly not going to meet you in person and dox myself.

Well, I've made the offer. It doesn't paint you in very good light to be so reluctant to provide data that can be verified and direct blame towards Jews.

VargThePissed wrote:

I actually first wrote zlatinb but after I saw your argument, I thought to myself, this can not possibly be zab or the same person. I actually changed the name in my response to zab due to this confusion. Then I looked at a forum and saw that zlatinb is/was zab.

On the zzz.i2p forum I used the nickname "zab" which are my initials. My full name is Zlatin Alexandrov Balevsky. Here I use the name zlatinb.

VargThePissed wrote:

Your arguments are exactly that of a Jewish person. It's very distinctive the way they try to influence people. I wonder if you, are not you? That the person writing the above is not zab but someone set to take his place. I've seen a video of you somewhere in Europe and you didn't look Jewish to me and I can't see a Jew moving to a monastery as being likely. Considering all the other suspicious things going on it's not unwarranted to be be very wary of things. Just because you have the same nick and a pass does not mean that you are the originator of that name and pass.

I have been baptized as Orthodox Christian. Many years later I found out that Jewishness is passed down by mother's line, and my grandmother on my mother's side had what one would call a "Jewish nose". She was also an adopted child. She has passed away now, but I did ask her at least twice whether she was adopted from a Jewish family and she said no. Still, one will never know for sure as those records are not available anymore.

Either way, I have not drawn blood from my penis or been officially accepted into Judaism. I did inquire to convert long time ago but never made the actual first step of going to a Rabbi.

Bottom line: you will never know, and neither will I.

VargThePissed wrote:

Wouldn't be the first time someone was replaced. Look at the present Alex Jones. The original Alex Jones I've seen videos of him in Arkansas and it is NOT the guy who plays Alex Jones now. The "present" Alex Jones guy used be, almost certainly, Bill Hicks the comedian who supposedly passed from cancer. Listen to Bill Hicks rants. It's unmistakably "present" Alex Jones and there's all sorts of other data on this. Look it up you'll see. But I warn you it's hard if not impossible to find the original Alex Jones tapes and the Bill Hicks rants tapes, before he became Jones, they may be wiped from the net.

There you go again: "there's all sorts of other data on this". Can you give people here at least some kind of starting point?

VargThePissed wrote:

And to give credit where credit is due I think the present Alex Jones is actually uncovering the deep State, mostly Jews, and that's why they are trying to ruin him. When he started he was married to a Jew handler. Probably they came to him and promised him a big salary if he played this crazy ranting conservative and he being your typical drugged up comedian thought what a great gig. But over time I suspect he noticed that a lot of the crazy stuff he was saying was true, mixed with nonsense so as to make him look foolish, and his conscience started bothering him that he was deceiving people. He started to rant a little less and tell the truth a lot more. That's when they lowered the boom on him and ruined him.

I haven't followed the story about Alex Jones, I did notice he didn't have a beard and at one point he did have a beard. That's all I can say about him.