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VargThePissed wrote:

zlatinb wrote:

...Dude, part of the name of LibreWolf is that it is Libre, as in get a fucking paper dictionary if you do not want to use an online translation...Readily available == easy == you don't have to put in effort == you become stupid...

You sure don't sound like the old zab. And in fact your rant has nothing to do at all with what he asked. You say,"...it is Libre..." but that has not one damn thing to do with what he asked,

He asked,

"... but it might provide different HTTP header data, or do other things that could be dangerous from a fingerprinting perspective..."

Libre=“at liberty, free; clear, free, vacant; free, without obligation”

Well something can readily be free but have all sorts of spyware, bad headers, fingerprinting. You are just being nasty to him for no reason at all. You're going out of your way to be nasty. You could have just ignored him. It's not like he personally held you down for an answer. You do not sound like zab. Would a person so concerned about their soul and spiritual welfare that he wanted to join a monastery act so mean and vicious, while totally not even addressing the point made in the first place. This doesn't sound like that person that wants to be spiritually enlightened. Sounds more like...a vicious Jew to me.

Very interesting point Varg. I wonder if you are projecting much, because in your other posts here you sound kind of nasty and mean to me.

Wrath is a Sin. I'm human, and humans sin. I'm not going to get every step of the way right, to think that would be Pride.