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VargThePissed wrote:

I don't think the person posting as zlatinb here is zab.

fairlyNoobQuestions,"Well found, Varg. Good detective work, if its a true repesentation, and I think it might be..."

Then fairlyNoobQuestions goes into this long set of statements that as far as I can see have zero data to back them up. This appears to be another of the standard tricks of the Jews. Someone who was to run across this thread would see,"Well found, Varg" and then see all this made up stuff and connect it to me as having "found" this. I found no such thing. All the above by fairlyNoobQuestions and the fake zlatinb appear to be completely made up.

I searched the logs of,


and did not see what they said was there. Some of the comments in the logs were censored from the original so we really have no idea what they said.

I will tell you what we do know for a fact is that the major developers for java I2P have been driven off and their sites are defunct. All the other stuff above this by others have nothing to back them up but someone who appears to be pretending to be zlatinb and another person making excuses for Jews, fairlyNoobQuestions, and backing up what appears to be a fake zlatinb.

Now they've resorted to filling the whole forum with word salad spam t hide the truth. The comment above is the last one I made. All after that is word salad until this one.

I made a comment just before this one that showed the real zab, from his muwire github, which only he has the pass, said that java I2P has been taken over and no longer safe, basically. The response was a lot of non-sourced character attacks on zab which the above comment was a response to.

The comment I made is #34 and the link is