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zlatinb wrote:

VargThePissed wrote:

achived wrote:

I downloaded the last topic on zzz.i2p

I read that thread but you have more of it than I read.

Isn't that a key bit? Since you are VargThePissed is it possible your anger made you a little rushed and you didn't care enough to read the whole thing?

Or was it that you opted for an easier source of information that wasn't entirely accurate?

You are using dissimulation, and distortion of what said and also putting words in my mouth I dd not say.

For example you say,"...is it possible your anger made you a little rushed and you didn't care enough to read the whole thing?

Or was it that you opted for an easier source of information that wasn't entirely accurate?..."

Also,"...Isn't that a key bit?..."

No it's not key at all and you are being deceptive to pretend that it is. I ask anyone curious about this to read the torrent link above and you will see its not key to anything. You just made that shit up that there's some "secret key" in the comment that's relative.

And "...easier source of information that wasn't entirely accurate?..."

So in this case he just makes up some "easy source" and attributes me using this. I ask what "easy source". Did I quote any easy source? No. None. Nada. Nothing. You made that up to pretend that I used inaccurate data. A fake and dishonest notion.

You "imply" that there is some sort of information in the link continuing the thread that changes the situation. Well there's not. You say that in a way that could convince people I missed something but this is false. In fact my beliefs are based on something entirely different from that thread which is based on adding LGBTZUWN or whatever comments to I2P principles. That's not what I based my ideas on. In fact I point out that the people saying "this change in principles" IS the reason zzz left is bullshit and makes no sense. That you use the thread to try and raise doubt is a trick to change the subject from, what I say,(zzz would not quit because of this statement) to (arguing about the statement itself or what the thread says which is irrelevant to the point I am making.) Typical misdirection. Your method of deception is one typically used by Jews. They take some little fact and pretend that it means something other that what it does and supposedly that means they proved something. In fact you have proved nothing and have added not a single pertinent idea to the case. Just typical misdirection.

What he is trying to do is, change the subject to some little niggling fact of no consequence and make THAT the thing to be focused on, and, draw doubt in people's minds by throwing up some sort of distraction. Jews do this all the time. Once you learn about it, it becomes harder for them to use misdirection on you. Pay attention and you will see this constantly in the press. I think they must have classes in the schools they go to teaching this because it's all over everywhere and they Jews use it obsessively.

You said I said,"everyone knows", well I didn't say that. Once again twisting the meaning of what I said to draw doubt in the minds of the reader.

I said,"...It's well known by anyone paying attention that every institution the Jews take over destroys itself or completely changes it's whole reason for being to support Jewish interest..."

and I ask, do you not know this? If you do not you are foolish. There are books written by verified insiders on Jew hit squads murdering people. They were caught doing so when they mistakenly killed the wrong person.

That the US is run by Jews is easily established by 9-11 where building 7 fell over 100 feet with no resistance. Public video evidence shows less than one hour before it fell there was only four floors on fire. To fall as it did it had to have NO SUPPORT at all for over 100 feet, (over ten floors), all the way around the building on all four sides. This did not happen. The end result is that anyone can see, for themselves, that the building was demoed in some way. This is not rumor or supposition, it's fact. If you argue with this you are a liar and a deception agent, or maybe a fool.

Now the mere fact that this happened and no one did a thing to the Jew owner tells you all you have to know about Jews controlling the USA.

You said,"...At the same time, "VargThePissed" tries to implant direct links in your mind between things that may or may not be related..."

Look at how he is trying to gas-light you, a favorite trick of the Jews. He's trying to pretend that I have mixed up several ideas when I have not. He uses this to pretend that there's some loss of logic in what I said. You're deceptacon gas-lighting doesn't work on me and in fact all you are doing is showing your hand. People take notice at zlatinb's word salad deceptive behavior here and use it to guide for in the future for anything he says. Once I see someone using these, by the book Jew deception techniques, (they use these constantly and in a manner that you soon begin to recognize), then I carefully parse anything they say or more likely disregard anything they say from then on.

Let's look at what I said and use basic logic to see if my worry about the viability of the java branch of I2P is in jeopardy, and subsequently zzz may also be dead or in peril.

1. We know control of java I2P is no longer controlled by zzz. Now zzz has been doing this for over a decade. Does it seem logical to you he would with no warning drop out of contact and cut off his site. That he would readily give up what he has labored away at for over a decade over some silly statement about whether we should want to have faggots and trannys "respected". That this one tiff over this statement would cause him to freak out and quit everything? Do you believe this? I don't and rightly so as it is illogical and zzz, being a programmer, must have at least a little bit of a logical frame of mind.
2. Let's add to this with other facts. zab stops MuWure very abruptly. He says he is doing so because drug dealers are asking him too many questions. I thought this was odd to quit for that reason but even worse he said he is going to enter a monastery. WHAT? A computer programmer, and a good one, gets mad and then goes to a monastery? I don't know where he's going but the majority of monasteries do not do a lot of programing. I thought this was super odd but...oh well, but combine his disappearing to a monastery AND zzz disappearing for silly reasons, both of them, and zzz's site gone and he not public in any way. A person with any good sense knowing that the Jews and their lackey intel agencies would like to get rid of I2P, well that tells me logically that they have been threatened at the least and possibly killed. There's something wrong with this picture. What they telling us does not add up.
3. Now zlatinb pretends I'm confused or somehow don't understand. He is trying to cast doubt by bringing in data that has nothing to do with the situation at hand and pretending my thoughts on the matter are based on faulty data. A simple Jew trick, and I say he is full of shit and is dissimulating "notions" and "false suppositions", while I am basing my thoughts on facts and human behavior that is readily apparent to be odd as hell in this situation.
4. zzz' site being down shows me that they do not have control of it...yet. I would not be surprised if it came back and some ringer post as zzz in the future.
5.Let's further add in that as of right now the Outproxy stormycloud.i2p is not working. Maybe it will come back but it doesn't work now and hasn't.
6. Combine all these facts and, as in a case founded on circumstantial evidence, you can draw conclusions. And if you see it as I do, I say java I2P is taken over by hostile forces.

And notice zlatinb doesn't even talk about that. He doesn't want you to focus on that. He wants you to focus on some silly thread and whether I made hasty decisions on some inaccurate information that he made up supposedly influencing me. Another trick, because they DO NOT want you to focus on the fact that it appears I2P java is taken over by hostile forces, or to start paying attention to the facts surrounding the oddness. Drawing the wrong conclusions, or the ones they don't want you to have. They want you to focus your mind anywhere but that. Another trick.